The hunt, the excitement and that solid ‘bang’ on your rod, who wouldn’t want to experience that? Thom Prüst delivers. As a toddler het started fishing for everything that swims. In recent years he specialised in light tackle diagonal jigging for perch and zander. This doesn’t mean that you will be disappointed if you fancy pike. Even specialists who book a trip with Thom, are surprised about the numbers of pike that are landed in between the targeted ‘sticklebacks’.

Thom loves to share his knowledge about his favourite type of fishing. But if you like to try another technique, he is more than eager to help you get your fish while vertical jigging, trolling or dropshotting, to name a few. Thom’s favourite haunts are the Grensmaas and the Maasplassen in the southern province of Limburg. If the client so desires and day-tickets are available, the Belgium side of the Maas can also be an option. Thom also fishes the Volkerak in the southwestern part of the Country. In that area he rents out accommodation for sport fishermen, so multiple-day trips can be booked.

Home base: Neerpelt
Fishing spots: The Biesbosch, Haringvliet, Hollands Diep and the Volkerak in Zuid-Holland.
Boat: Fully equipped Crestliner Vision 1600. Maximum three persons.
Techniques: Diagonal jigging, casting, trolling, vertical jigging for perch, zander, pike and asp.
Tackle: Top quality rods, reels and lures on board and available for clients.
Extra: Special requests after consultation.