Although Dutch waters are home to many species of fish, the guides of Fishing Guides Holland specialise in fishing for predatory fish in fresh water. The exception to this rule is the European bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), which can be targeted along our coastline using the same tackle used for freshwater predators. Below we give a description of the targeted species.


Thanks to the constant improvements in water quality, the Northern pike is abundant in nearly all Dutch waterways. Another reason for the abundance is the strict catch and release policy which all Dutch fishermen practice. These factors also mean that more and more trophy-sized pike are caught annually. The guides of Fishing Guides Holland will gladly prove this to you, whichever technique you choose to use.


Like the Northern pike, you’ll find perch in nearly all Dutch waterways. If you want to target large perch in the 40 cm-plus range, you are at the right address at Fishing Guides Holland. Several guides share your passion for monster perch which they target on one of our big rivers and adjoining reservoirs, or specifically on the vast waters of the Haringvliet or Volkerak. A day’s fishing for XL-perch can be perfectly combined with vertical jigging for zander.


Although you’ll find zander in nearly all Dutch waters, there are places with an outstanding population of this species. These are mainly the big rivers, the lakes bordering the IJsselmeer, the Noordzeekanaal (inlet to the Amsterdam harbour) and the Haringvliet and Volkerak, which are the deltas of the rivers Maas and Waal. These waters are high on the agenda of all serious Dutch zander specialists. Besides these well known hot spots, the guides of Fishing Guides Holland also have their own ‘secret’ fishing locations where you will have a good chance of hooking the zander of a lifetime.


The asp is a relative newcomer to the Netherlands, having found its way to our waterways after the opening of the Rhine-Danube canal in 1992. In the past three decades the asp has established itself as a dominant species on many Dutch waters. The guides of Fishing Guides Holland who have specialised in targeting this predatory carp, prefer fishing for it on large rivers. As with fishing for perch, a day’s asp fishing can be combined with fishing for zander.


The bass is the ultimate species for freshwater fishermen thinking about taking up the challenge of chasing a saltwater predator. Tackle used for Northern pike, or even an 8- or 9-weight pike fly-rod, is perfectly suited for bass. Fishing for bass can be arranged from the shore, or from a kayak or seaworthy small boat. Don’t panic when you hook your first bass. Bass is renowned for his brutal force and cunning fighting abilities.