Steef Meijers has been active in recreational fishing for over thirty years. In the 1980’s Steef and Jan Smulders ‘gave birth’ to the groundbreaking video magazine Vis-Visie. Again together with Jan Smulders he founded the television series Vis-TV. Steef also made his mark in the world of paper magazines. Together with Dietmar Isaiasch he started the specialist’s magazine Dé Roofvis (Predatory Fish). After saying farewell to his job as editor in chief, Steef turned his attention to other aspects of fishing. One of his new challenges was guiding visiting fishermen on his home waters.

Steef has a wealth of experience in fishing in general and is specialised in predatory fish, among which the pike takes in a very important place. He also likes to chase zander with lures and has a passion for record sized perch, a passion which earned him the honorary title ‘Mr. Perchman’.

Home base: Utrecht
Location: Vinkeveense Plassen, Loosdrechtse Plassen, River Lek, Merwede canal, smaller rivers like De Vecht and Kromme Rijn, peat lakes and polders around Utrecht, Amsterdam and Hilversum.
Boat: Fully equipped Marcraft 440 (standard, max. three persons). Fully equipped Alumacraft T14V (smaller waters, max. two persons).
Techniques: Pike: casting lures and jerkbaits, trolling, fly fishing. Zander: vertical and diagonal jigging, dropshotting, trolling. Perch and asp: vertical jigging, casting, trolling, fly fishing.
Tackle: Rods, spinning and casting reels and lures and fly fishing equipment onboard for clients to use.
Extra: Special requests after consultation. 

The Perchman Rig

For fishing for zander and especially for perch quite some different techniques are being used. This means, however, that for these techniques one has to choose either a different rig and/or rod. Also, all of these rigs have their own restraints if come to soft lures. That's why Steef started searching for a rig with which he could present not only all soft lures, but also natural baits in a perfect way. And he did find it: the Perchman Rig, the rig that can do everything!
By clicking on the picture on the right, you will be able to see the video, made by the German magazine Fisch & Fang. It shows you the evolution of the rig and how to make your own.