When ever he finds an opportunity, Rick Stalenhoef will be on the water fishing. Since he as four years old Rick was intrigued by with with teeth. And although he spends most of his time on the water fishing for zander, he needs some variation once in a while. The he concentrates on either big pike or monster perch.
As a guest you will notice that Rick loves to share information, so ask him all ins and outs!

Rick knows all fishing techniques. With him you can vertically and diagonally jig, drop shot, troll or cast, but if you like to fish the ‘old-fashioned way’, let Rick show you how to fish for zander with a float. Rick still knows how!  

Home base: Huizen
Location: Gooimeer, river Zaan, river IJssel and Noordzeecanal.
Boat: Fully equipped Crestliner 1600 Vision SC with a 60 hp Honda.
Techniques: Vertical and diagonal jigging, dropshotting, spinning, trolling, fishing natural baits under a float.
Tackle: Rods, spinning and casting reels and lures onboard for clients to use.
Extra: Special requests after consultation.