Marco Nieuwenhuize is the first Dutch fishing guide to guide fishermen from a Hobie kayak. He has been using kayaks for fishing in the south-western part of the country, where he also fishes from a boat and from the shore. Marco has been fishing from kayaks for many years in the coastal waters of Zeeland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Marco gives bass clinics for fishermen who want to target this saltwater predator from a kayak, the shore or a boat. Marco co-operates with other specialists in arranging clinics and personal guiding for fly fishermen who want to catch bass on the long wand.

In summer Marco devotes most of his time to bass, which roams the beaches of the Zeeland coast and the waters of the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde. He practices a variety of techniques. When the bass leaves the shallow inshore waters, Marco shifts his attention to kayak fishing for freshwater predators like pike and zander.

Home base: Goes
Location: The southwest of the country. Other areas on request.
Boat: Kayak: Hobie Outback
Techniques: Shore fishing for bass: wobblers, spoons, pirks, shads and float fishing with baits. Boat fishing for bass: pirks, shads, ledgering and float fishing with baits.
Tackle: All necessary tackle available to use by clients.
Extra: Special request after consultation.