Koen Lemmens lives in Retie in Belgium. He is a pro-staff member of Pike Master Lures and PML-travel. Fishing for predators is more than a hobby for Koen. He works as a travel guide on fishing trips to Scandinavia and he field-tests new products for fishing for predatory fish. Besides his work in the field Koen is a fishing consultant and is present at many fishing events and trade shows to give lectures and presentations.

Fishing is Koen’s outlet, a relief from the stress of daily life. It should be fun and relaxing. Guiding isn’t a full time job for him. He wants to take time while guiding, to get to know his clients and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Home base: Retie, Belgium
Location: Zuid-Holland, rivers, Haringvliet, Hollands Diep, Biesbosch, Merwedekanaal, Amer, Bergsche Maas, Volkerak.
Boat: Fully equipped and very comfortable Tinn-Silver aluminium boat (five metres).
Techniques: Pike: casting with jerkbaits and softbaits, trolling. Zander: casting with lures, diagonal and vertical jigging, trolling. Perch and asp: casting with lures, vertical jigging, trolling.
Tackle: On request all necessary tackle is available to use by clients.
Extra: Special requests after consultation.