Fishing Guides Holland is the first stop for fishing The Netherlands. Here you can find and book all the professional fishing guides working in the Netherlands. The website also gives all the necessary information for a pleasant and successful stay along the Dutch waterways. Fishing Guides Holland enables you to choose a guide on the water of your choice.

Fishing Guides Holland will always find you a fishing guide who knows the fishing spot of your choice like the back of his hand. He will do his utmost to give you an unforgettable day on the water. You can book the guides of Fishing Guides Holland directly through this website. 


The Netherlands is a sportfishing country. It has an enormous variety of waterways with natural and manmade lakes, large and smaller rivers, large, small and polder canals and peat lakes or bogs. Nearly all these waters can be fished with a cheap permit, which your guide can provide for you, when needed. Apart from a short closed season for predatory fish, during the months of April and May, these waters can be fished all year round.
The diversity of fishing grounds offered to the visiting fishermen can be a bit daunting. Where and when do you fish and how do you fish specific types of water? Exploring the fishery by yourself can be very time-consuming - time, better spent effectively chasing the fish you are after.
The guides of Fishing Guides Holland combine a vast experience with water sense, water craft and technical fishing ability. Hiring the services of one of the guides is a sure way to make your visit to the Dutch waterways into an effective and successful event.

This site will provide you with all the useful information needed for a successful trip to the Dutch fishing grounds. After deciding on the area and the type of fishing, Fishing Guide Holland can provide you with the best guide for the job, so you will have an unforgettable day on the water.


Without exception, the guides from Fishing Guides Holland practice catch and release. All fish that are caught are released alive and with the least stress possible. This will guarantee that fish stocks will stay healthy and that The Netherlands will continue to be a country with world-class fishing possibilities. The guides will see to it that your catch will be captured on photo. Images will be sent to you as a lasting memory of a great fishing trip.