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Since he was little Frank Hanhart has been fascinated by the outdoors. From his many hobbies, like hunting, fishing and diving, fishing has always been the constant factor. He thinks that one of the exciting aspects of fishing is that you’ll never know what will happen during a day on the water. Frank is however certain about one thing: fishermen all over the world speak the same language and within moments fishing can bond people who were complete strangers before they met.

Rick knows all fishing techniques. With him you can vertically and diagonally jig, drop shot, troll or cast, but if you like to fish the ‘old-fashioned way’, let Rick show you how to fish for zander with a float. Rick still knows how!  

Home base: Huizen
Location: Gooimeer, river Zaan, river IJssel and Noordzeecanal.
Boat: Fully equipped Crestliner 1600 Vision SC with a 60 hp Honda. 
Techniques: Vertical and diagonal jigging, dropshotting, spinning, trolling, fishing natural baits under a float.
Tackle: Rods, spinning and casting reels and lures onboard for clients to use.
Extra: Lunch, coffee/tea softdrinks included. Special requests after consultation. Photos on CD or by e-mail.