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Like many of the Guides of Fishing Guides Holland Meindert Kap was also born with a rod in his hand. In his case even with a fly rod! Meindert has fished for more then 40 years and mainly with a fly rod for predators like pike, perch and zander. He prefers to fish the big waters of the Netherlands, because he likes to be challenged. However, Meindert is not a purist, so once in a while he also likes to swing the spinning rod for pike, perch and zander. Whatever technique you prefer, Meindert welcomes you on board to practise it.

Even though Meindert prefers to be on the water, he is also renowned because of his streamers that he ties in his own workshop and sells to both tackle shops and anglers. So as a guest in Meindert’s boat don’t forget to stock up on your streamers. Meindert is happy to prove their catching capabilities to you!

Home base: Middelharnis.
Location: Haringvliet, Spui, Volkerak, Brielse Meer, Binnenmaas.
Boat: Fully equipped polyester boat of 5,20 m with 50 hp Yamaha. 
Techniques: Fly fishing for pike, zander and perch. Vertical jigging for zander and perch, casting for pike and perch.
Tackle: Rods, reels andl lures available on board for use by the client.
Extra: Lunch, coffee / tea, soft drinks included and a nice whisky at the end of the fishing day. Photos will be send on CD or by e-mail.