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Johan Caneel lives in Tiel, in the centre of the country between the rivers Maas and Nederrijn/Lek. He has ben active in fishing for the most of his life and has many international contacts with renowned fishermen, several fishing organisations and wholesalers and retailers in the business. When fishing Johan can be found all over the country and abroad; he has fished in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, England, Ireland and Canada. At home or abroad he is always looking for predatory fish.

Johan fishes from an aluminium boat or a belly boat. He likes active forms of fishing and he enjoys the total nature experience which he loves to share with his clients. Year round (and when in season) Johan fishes for pike, perch and zander. In between he also catches ide, asp and the occasional wels catfish.

Home base: Tiel
Location: Maas, Rijn, Lek, Merwede, Linge, de Giessen, Eiland van Maurik, Gouden Ham, Lithse Ham, de Zandmeren, Kraaijenbergse Plassen. Other places on request.
Boat: Fully equipped Tomasco Pike Fighter 465, max. 2 persons, belly boat.
Techniques: Trolling for pike, zander, perch, ide and asp. Vertical jigging and dropshotting for zander and perch. Casting for pike, asp, zander and perch.
Tackle: Rods, spinning and casting reels and lures onboard for clients to use.
Extra: Lunch, coffee/tea, soft drinks on request. Overnight accommodation and multiple day trips on request. Photos on CD or by e-mail.