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Ad Swier is artist and fly fisherman (and an eejit). When Ad is fishing, he mainly targets pike. He solely uses a fly rod and streamers in the local polder, on peat lakes, rivers and larger man-made lakes. The river IJssel runs behind Ad’s home. The IJssel has some excellent asp fishing, as well as fishing for monster pike and zander.

Ad considers Ireland to be his second home. He will happily accompany you there. In the more than seventy times he has visited Ireland, Ad has fly fished for salmon, brown trout and of course Irish pike. According to Ad, fly fishing is the most pleasant way to catch fish, especially when you catch them on a streamer you tied yourself.

Home base: 's-Heerenbroek
Location: IJssel, Polder Mastenbroek, Salland, Ireland.
Boat: With, with a 5 hp outboard and oars for rowing.
Techniques: Fly fishing for pike, zander and asp.
Tackle: Fly rods, reels and flies onboard for clients to use.
Extra: Special requests after consultation. Photos on CD or by e-mail. Guided trips to Ireland on request.